Dinner Recipes

My fancy yet simple dinner recipes will make sure your evening meal goes smooth no matter what the occasion is. Whether you are having a romantic rendez-vous, a family reunion or just “another dinner” during the week, I’ve got you covered. You can find any type of dinner to make next and still have time to enjoy yourself after everyone’s done.

After all, making a healthy, beautiful-looking and tasty dinner is always a little win, so here are the recipes that will help you be a winner EVERY day.

Try all of these recipes, pick your favorite ones and keep them handy for the future. You can always make them on the fly.

If you are a seafood lover, try my finger-licking Portuguese-Style Mussels because you will be literally licking your fingers when finished – that’s how yummy they are!

Having a party tonight and need something to wow your loved ones? My Spicy Salmon Tartare is the way to go – you’ve got to have this life saver up your sleeve. Enjoy my dinner recipes, and keep coming back for more!

Cooking in a different part of the day? Here are my breakfast, brunch and lunch recipes.