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Banana Charcoal Smoothie

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Have you heard about the charcoal trend? This Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo recipe is super healthy, trendy and fun!

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Adjust Servings:
0.8 lb banana 375 g. Approximately - 2 bananas.
1 cup water
1 tbl honey
½ tsp activated charcoal 1.8 g
1 tsp love ❤️


2.1 g
0.6 g
51.4 g
0.2 g
Sat Fat
0 mg
4.9 g
6 mg
31.5 g
14 mg
1 mg
676 mg
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About the Recipe

Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo Recipe Connecting the Opposites

Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo

Have you heard about the activated charcoal trend? Apparently there is one. And if not – I am setting it right now with my Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo recipe! 🙂

How It Started…

Someone shared with me their nice-looking dishes on Instagram and Pinterest. I got curious about the ingredients because the photos looked impressive and… super dark. When I found out that it was activated charcoal, I did some research and found out a few things about it that motivated me to try something of my own. After all, it promised to be fun, healthy and cost-efficient.

I started with what we really like for breakfast – Banana Smoothie. I added a bit of the activated charcoal to it and a bit of Oreo, and it turned  into this impressive dark Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo!

Mysterious Taste

I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, so I tested it on my husband. And after he survived the experiment, I tried it, too. 🙂 Both of us quite enjoyed the result because the activated charcoal made the smoothie a bit astringent. We did have black teeth and a good laugh afterwards.

Conclusion: this Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo recipe is healthy, trendy and fun. You can get the darkest colour in the world to your dishes and it’s completely safe. You wouldn’t drink it every day, but it is something you need to make at least once!

Do not use activated charcoal in any of your meals if you have consumed alcohol or are planning to in the near future!

Let’s look at some of the reason why the activated charcoal is such a healthy detox.

Why activated charcoal?

The activated charcoal traps toxins and chemicals in millions of its tiny little sponge-like pores.  They suck up everything in sight as soon as the charcoal hits the digestive tract. In fact, the activated charcoal is so absorbent that it is a one-time solution for those in pain due to toxin exposure or drug overdose. Typically, however, it is not used when petroleum, alcohol, lye, acids or other corrosive poisons are ingested (source).


This Banana Charcoal Recipe with Oreo bits was my first experiment with the activated charcoal. And I absolutely loved it! I made a couple of cups of healthy smoothie that helps reduce toxins and made it a dark black colour. Win-win! And it was super cheap. So, win-win-win!

Try this Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo and let me know what you think in the Comments section below.

Easy or Not?

Please share your thoughts about this Banana Charcoal Smoothie with Oreo recipe in the comments below. What did you like? And what was the most challenging part? I hope will enjoy this recipe and come back for more!

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5/5 (1 Review)



Crush Charcoal

Crush the charcoal into powder. Tip: You can do it in a coffee mill or a pounder.


Prepare Bananas

Ripe and cut bananas into pieces. Pour water into blender, add bananas, honey and activated charcoal. Blend all ingredients to get a nice smooth texture.


Decorate (optional)

Pour your smoothie into a glace. Decorate with poppy seeds and Oreo.



Your Banana Charcoal Smoothie Oreo is ready. Bon appétit!


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