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Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria


This Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria Recipe is the most refreshing summer cocktail with buzzy melon and strawberry pieces!

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1/2 cup strawberry(ies) 80 g
2 tablespoons honey
1 bottle sparkling wine rose, brut
1/2 melon
3 roses decorate

And love - it is the main ingredient!


1 glass
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0.6 g
0.2 g
15.7 g
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9 mg
13.8 g
8 mg
180 mg
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      About the Recipe


      This Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria Recipe is the most refreshing summer cocktail with boozy melon and strawberry pieces!

      Sangria cocktail is pretty popular in many countries and especially in Portugal and Spain during summer time. There are many different recipes that you can try and enjoy during the hot sunny days. There are red sangria, white sangria, or sparkling (champagne) wine sangria with different fruits and berries.

      During Roman times, Sangria was very popular and served chilled with meat dishes.

      Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria in a glass.

      How much time do I need to make this sparkling strawberry melon sangria?

      You can make this delicious cocktail at home in 10 minutes. It is super easy! 😉

      Note: If you want to develop the flavor of the fruits in sangria, you can put the jar in the fridge for 1 hour or so. And when you are ready to have a drink, just serve it with ice. So refreshing! 🙂

      What kind of ingredients are in this sangria?

      Wine or substitutes: My family and friends love sparkling sangria, so I always make it with sparkling wine.  In case you don’t have a sparkling bottle at home, you can also make it with white or red wine.

      I had a very good bottle of rose sparkling wine – so that is my choice for this summer drink.

      Ice: you need to have some ice cubes in your freezer. In case you don’t have any – that’s not a problem. You can skip the ice or if you have frozen berries, you can use them too.

      Soda is optional: I like to use lemon soda, because of its neutral taste. Also, if you find strawberry soda it will be even better. It will intensify the taste even more. (Buying and adding soda is optional in this sangria).

      Note: I skipped soda in this recipe.

      And don’t forget to add ice. 😉

      Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria in a glass.

      Berries: In my recipe, I used strawberries. Strawberry has a very nice and delicate taste which I really like to add. They also look very cute in the glasses.

      Strawberries in a bowl.

      Feel free to choose any berries such as raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. Check out my Sparkling Mango Raspberry Sangria


      This Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria features melon.

      Melon on a white table

      You can use any other fruit that you have at home such as pineapple, apples, pear, or even watermelon.

      Sweetener: I used honey to add extra sweetness.

      And also added roses to give more beauty to this cocktail, this is definitely optional.

      Can I add any other alcohol?

      Yes, You can add rum. If you add rum to sangria it will be stronger. For example, if you want to add rum to a sangria cocktail, add 3 fluid ounces or 75 milliliters of rum. And after, just mix with a wooden spoon.

      Can I make this white sangria beforehand?

      Yes, you can make it prior before the party or any gatherings. You can make it even earlier in the day. Make sure to keep it in the fridge, so the cocktail is refreshing and cold.

      How many servings from one bottle?

      You can serve this sangria recipe to 4 people.

      Enjoy your Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria!

      This cocktail is perfect for a summer party, birthday, or any fancy dinner when you want a fruity and delicate cocktail!

      Strawberry Melon Sangria in a glass and a jar.

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      1 min

      Gather ingredients

      Gather all washed ingredients on a table.

      5 min

      Chop and add

      Slice strawberries. Transfer them to a glass jar. Add melon pieces to the jar as well.

      1 min

      Add honey

      Add honey to a jar and mix gently.

      3 min

      Add sparkling rose wine

      Add chilled sparkling wine/champagne to a jar and mix gently. You can serve the sangria straight away. Pour into glasses with fruits. (If you are not ready to serve it, place the jar in the fridge.) Adding ice cubes is optional and only before the serving.



      Your Sparkling Strawberry Melon Sangria is ready. Enjoy!



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