Lunch Recipes

This collection of delicious lunch recipes will get you extra EXCITED about the second part of your day. And here is why.

Some of my readers say that lunch is the most important meal of the day… and some prefer breakfast to hold that title. I would probably lean to the statement that all of the meals are equally important because each of them has a very unique flare to it, and that includes, cooking technique, volume, approach, etc.

AND… we just can’t ignore the fact that a good filling lunch helps us rest from the morning running around and transition into the quieter afternoon. So let’s just say that each lunch is quite important, and we are better off making it filling, healthy, and SUPER DELICIOUS. So that is what we are aiming for in this recipe category.

How about starting with my popular Shrimp Lettuce Wraps or Poached Salmon in White Wine recipe? It is amazing how something as simple as these wraps has quickly become my readers’ FAVORITE. I always have delightful lunch recipes to try!

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