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Vegetarian Minestrone Soup


My grandma always says: “More vegetables - more taste!” When you cook this vegetarian Minestrone Soup recipe, you will feel the taste of Italy!

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1 zucchini
1 eggplant
2 carrot(s)
3 sticks celery
2 cloves garlic
2 ounces chickpeas 50 grams
1.5 ounces red kidney beans 40 grams
2 ounces green peas 50 grams
1.5 ounces red lentil 40 grams
1.5 ounces yellow lentil 40 grams
1.5 cups tomato purée
1 bell pepper(s)
1 onion(s)
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon red paprika
2 tablespoons parsley
1 shallot
4 tablespoons olive oil
2 ounces Parmigiano Cheese 50 grams
4 liquid pints water 2 liters
to taste salt
to taste pepper

And love - it is the main ingredient!


2-3 laddles
Serving size
9.9 g
10.6 g
33.9 g
1.5 g
Saturated fat
0 mg
12.3 g
43 mg
7 g
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    About the Recipe


    My grandma always says: “More vegetables – more taste!” When you cook this vegetarian Minestrone Soup recipe, you will feel the taste of Italy!

    My Grandma lived in Italy for quite a long time, moving around the country constantly. As a result, she has learnt a lot of Italian cooking secrets from her friends, spoiling me with various recipes she would bring along the way.

    Now it’s time for me to spoil you with one of the most comforting and hearty soup recipes there is – Homemade Vegetarian Minestrone Recipe.

    The Minestrone Soup is a masterpiece of flavors, colors and nourishing ingredients. It has history, style and character and is a true celebration of nature’s versatility and abundance o delicious vegetables.

    Your quest for “the best soup of my life” ends here.

    I remember taking our friends to a restaurant where we ordered their famous olive garden minestrone soup. It was pretty good. The waiter said it was made in a large dutch oven, cooked over medium heat for a very long time (yes, he was very precise), which he said was the way they would make their classic minestrone soup.

    Well, thanks to my Grandma, I know of another hearty Minestrone soup recipe that is simpler and does not use a slow cooker. And yes, we will be using red kidney beans, Parmigiano cheese (or grated parmesan cheese) and flavorful seasoning mix (Italian seasoning is perfect for this).

    What is the best season to make this vegetable soup?

    The beauty of this Vegetarian Minestrone Soup is in how versatile it is. While it is truly a comforting bowl of goodness, making it one of the best fall soup recipes (and winter, of course), its abundance of fresh vegetables makes it perfect for spring and summer as well.

    The perfect dish to enjoy all year long!

    Do I need an Instant Pot to make Minestrone?

    No, you can make this Italian minestrone soup even if you don’t have the Instant Pot, crockpot, etc. Just follow my recipe and enjoy!

    What are the health benefits of this dish?

    This vegetarian soup is loaded with a rainbow of vegetables and legumes, so you’ve got a lot of nutrients going on. This recipe is a treasure of vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants.

    Thanks to all of that, the minestrone soup supports your immune system, help with digestion and is healthy overall – it’s low in calories and is great for diets o various kind.

    Where can I buy the required ingredients?

    To create the most delicious Vegetarian Minestrone Soup ever, fresh quality ingredients are important (as always).

    Start with your local farmers’ markets for fresh, seasonal produce.

    The rest of the ingredients, like pantry staples, can be found at your nearest grocery store. Do experiment with tastes and flavors by trying exploring local specialty stores and their unique options. You never know what you can find there.

    Can I substitute Minestrone soup ingredients?

    Absolutely! The beauty of this Vegetarian Minestrone Soup recipe is its versatility.

    You may swap out vegetables based on their availability in any given season, or your personal preferences. Experiment with different herbs and spices to add your own twist to this heart soup.

    For example, I used tomato puree instead of the tomato paste and yellow pepper instead of the red pepper. For a spicy twist, add some pepper flakes – I prefer this soup milder.

    And I can’t stress enough the importance of the high quality extra virgin olive oil. This ingredients is so important for many different recipes, and this minestrone soup is not an exclusion.

    Can you make the minestrone soup to be part of a menu?

    Yes, you can. This soup is perfect for a multi-course meal. Pair it with crusty bread, a vibrant salad, or a light appetizer for a well-rounded lunch or dinner.

    Which drinks pair well with Minestrone?

    The earthy notes of the Minestrone Soup harmonize beautifully with a range of beverages. Opt for a crisp white wine, like a Sauvignon Blanc or Encruzado Wine.

    For a non-alcoholic option, you could go for sparkling water infused with citrus and herbs or a cup of hearb tea.

    How long can I store the leftovers?

    You’re in for a treat here because your Minestrone Soup leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 days.

    Even more, letting your Minestrone sit for a day or two will allows the flavors to meld and intensify the taste. Just remember to reheat gently twhen you are ready to eat. Thank me later!

    Recipe tips & tricks

    • Don’t overcook. This will ensure that the vegetables maintain their pleasant vibe and beautiful colors.
    • Play with Herbs. These can make a big different, so make sure to experiment with them before serving. Follow the recipe precisely or add your own twist to the soup – it is totally up to you!

    As you can see, this Italian Minestrone is not just a recipe – it’s a field of opportunities when it comes to experimenting with flavors, colors and ingredients. So let’s make each spoonful count and enjoy the delicious journey that this Minestrone Soup recipe takes you on!

    How to make Vegetarian Minestrone Soup Recipe

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    10 min

    Prepare ingredients

    Wash and peel the vegetables: zucchini, eggplant, carrots, celery, garlic, onion and shallot.

    40 min

    Soak beans

    Fill a pot with 2 pints of cold water and soak chickpeas and red kidney beans in it for 40 minutes.

    40 min

    Cook beans

    Meanwhile, fill another pot with 4 pints of cold water and transfer the red kidney beans, chickpeas, red and yellow lentils to it. Cook on medium heat for 40 minutes.

    10 min

    Prepare vegetables

    Thinly chop the celery, carrots, pepper, zucchini, eggplant, green peas, onion, shallot and garlic.

    30 min

    Cook minestrone

    Transfer the vegetables to the pot with the beans. Cook for 30 minutes.

    Tip: be careful with the beans and celery - they usually require more time to cook through.

    3 min

    Make tomato puree

    Wash and cut the tomatoes, add them to a food processor and process until you achieve smooth puree.

    15 min

    Add tomato puree and spices

    Add the tomato puree, dried thyme, red paprika, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper to the minestrone soup pot and cook on low heat for 15 minutes.

    3 min

    Decorate and serve

    Serve the minestrone in bowl and decorate with Parmigiano cheese (or Mozzarella cheese if you prefer). Enjoy!



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